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  Free Cookbooks (.pdf)

Scott's Seasonal Cook Book 1921
Slade's Cooking School 1920
Mrs. Norton's Cook Book 1917
The Malone Cook Book 1917
Book of Cookery Fannie Farmer 1915
Larkin Housewives' Cook Book 1915
Mrs. Wilson's Cook Book 1914
Hamilton's Recipes 1909
Rumford Complete Cookbook 1908
Harland's Complete Cook Book 1906
Chase's Cook Book 1906
Mrs. Snow's Cook Book 1903
Mrs. Clarke's Cook Book 1899
Hood's Practical Cook's Book 1897
Aunt Babette's Cook Book 1889
Parloa's Kitchen Companion 1887
Mrs. Shillaber's Cook Book 1887
Alden-Adams Cook Book 1885
Harder's American Cookery 1885
Margaret Sim's Cookery 1883
Parloa New Cook Book 1880
Jennie June's Cookery 1878
Putnam's Receipt Book 1876
Beecher's Domestic Receipts 1871
Elliot's Practical Cookery 1870

  Free French Cuisine Cook Books

The French Cook 1902
Seely's French & US Cook 1902
The Cuisine 1872
Royal Cookery Book 1869
Hand-Book of Practical Cookery 1867
Treasury of French Cookery 1866
The Young Cook's Guide 1836
Art of French Cookery 1827

  Free Italian Food Cookbooks

Italian Recipes... 1905
The Italian Cook Book 1919
From Our Tuscan Kitchen 1903

  Free Chinese Food Cook Books

The Chinese Cook Book 1917
Chinese & English Cook Book 1913
Anglo-Chinese Cook Book 1916

  Free Mexican Food Cookbooks

101 Mexican Dishes 1906

  Free German Food Cook Books

German Cookery 1906

  Free English Cookery Books

Surrey Garden Pot-Pourri 1898
London Compete Cookery 1797

  Free Beginner's Cookbooks

Elementary Cooking 1912
Cookery for Beginners 1884
A Primary Cook Book 1862

  Free Online Entrée Cook Books

Entrées 1901
The Book of Entrées 1911
The Book of Entrées 1886
The Something-Different Dish 1915

  Free Online Dinner Cookbooks

Everyday Dinners 1911
52 Sunday Dinners 1915
For Dinner Fannie Farmer 1905
The Dinner Year-book 1878
Sunday Night Suppers 1907

  Free Meat Cookbooks

Meats, Poultry & Game 1919
Method of Roasting Beef 1907
Meats & Game 1902
Hotel Meat Cooking 1901
Dressed Game & Poultry 1888
Fish, Flesh, and Fowl 1877

  Free Fish Cookbooks

How To Cook Fish 1908
Fish 1903
Oysters & Fish 1888
Guide to the Fish Market 1843

  Free Leftover Cook Books

Cook Book of Left-Overs 1920
Left Overs 1898
200 Ways of Using Remnants 1883
A Book of Réchauffés 1865

  Free Sandwich & Salad Cookbooks

Salads, Sandwiches... 1916
Salads, Sandwiches, Beverages 1915
Sandwiches 1912
Salads, Sandwiches... 1905
Up-to-Date Sandwich Book 1909
Salads, Sandwiches & Dainties 1899

  Free Salad Cookbooks

Florida Salads 1918
One Hundred Salads 1914
200 Recipes for Salads 1910
One Thousand Salads 1909
Salads & Chafing Dishes 1906
American Salad Book 1900
New Salads 1897
Desserts & Salads 1896
Fifty Salads 1885
Salads & Sauces 1884

  Free Soup Cook Books

Soups 1904
Soups & Dressed Fish 1888

  Free Vegetable Cookbooks

Byron's Vegetable Book 1916
How to Cook Vegetables 1909
Vegetables 1902
How to Cook Vegetables 1890
Dressed Vegetables 1888
Vegetable Cookery 1866

  Free Dessert Cookbooks

Desserts for 100 1918
Sunny Side Dessert Book 1893
Everyday Desserts 1911
The Dessert Book 1872

  Cake, Ice Cream & Ices Books

Breads, Cakes, Pastries, Ices... 1907
Ices 1899
Green's Cakes & Ice Creams 1894

  Free Bread & Baking Books

Bread Facts 1920
Baker's Bread 1918
Baker's Review Apr 1916
Flour, Yeast... Baking 1915
The Story of Bread 1913
The History of Bread 1904
The Baker's Book 1902
Dietetic Value of Bread 1892
Healthy Mfg of Bread 1884
Report on Vienna Bread 1875
Art of Bread-Making 1805

  Free Pastry, Cake & Cookie Books

Home Bakings 1912
Bread, Cakes & Biscuits 1906
365 Cakes & Cookies 1904
Puddings & Pastry 1889
American Pastry Cook 1894
Cake & Bread Baker 1884
Pastry, Cakes, Sweetmeats 1834

  Free Candy & Confectionary Books

    are at

  Free Fruit Cookbooks

Fruits & Their Cookery 1921
365 Orange Recipes 1909
Fruit Recipes 1907
Fruits & How to Use Them 1889

  Free Anglo-American Cookbooks

How to Prepare It 1922
The Aunt's Cook Book 1922
Modern Club Recipes 1921
Good Housekeeping's Recipes 1920
Good Food, How to Prepare 1920
School & Home Cooking 1920
Lessons in Cookery 1919
Nyal Cook Book 1916
GH Pure Food Cook Book 1914
Scientific Feeding 1914
Things Mother Used to Make 1913
Favorite Recipes 1913
The New Cookery 1913
Women of US Cook... 1913
Caloric Book of Recipes 1912
The Laurel Health Cookery 1911
New Home Cook Book 1911
Paper-Bag Cookery 1911
Good Things to Eat 1911
Book of Dorcas Dishes 1911
Pure Food Cook Book 1910
Sunshine Cook Book 1910
Hand-book for the Kitchen 1910
Mendelssohn Club Cook Book 1909
Recipes for Epicures 1907
Book of Tested Recipes 1907
Choice Tested Recipes 1907
Book of Priceless Recipes 1907
365 Tasty Dishes 1906
Table Talk's Cook Book 1906
Library of Modern Cooking 1905
Housekeeper's Friend Recipes 1905
Choice Receipts 1905
Harvest Festival Cook Book 1905
Books & My Food 1904
Healthful Cookery 1904
World's Fair Cook Book 1904
20th Century Cook Book 1902
Cooking & Serving 1902
Queen of the Home 1901
Peerless Cook Book 1901
Rebekah Cook Book 1900
Machias Cook Book 1899
Good Cooking 1898
Ladies Home Cook Book 1896
Daily News Cook Book 1896
Thorough Good Cook 1896
Clever Cooking 1896
Century Cook Book 1895
Murray Coll.: 10 Cook Books 1895
The Queen Cook Book 1895
The Little Epicure 1894
Real Cookery 1893
Favorite Dishes 1893
Cookery Manuals 1890
Riverside Recipe Book 1890
Cups & Spoons 1890
Town & Country Cookery 1890
Wayside Gleanings 1889
The Table: Buy, Cook & Serve 1889
Hartford Election Cake... 1889
White House Cook Book 1889
Centennial Cookery Book 1887
Kirmess Cook Book 1887
Quick Cooking 1887
350 Tested Formulas 1886
How to Cook Well 1886
Unrivalled Cook Book 1885
The Model Cook 1885
A New Daily Food 1885
Latest & Best Cook... 1884
Culinary Gems 1884
The Cottage Kitchen 1883
A Few Choice Recipes 1883
Chicago Herald Cooking School 1883
Sense in the Kitchen 1881
Culture & Cooking 1881
Valuable Cooking Receipts 1880
The Art of Cooking 1880
The Modern Cook 1880
Every-day Cookery 1879
Home Messenger Receipts 1878
Westminster Cook Book 1876
The Home Cook Book 1876
Centennial Cook Book 1876
United States Cook Book 1874
Choice Receipts 1873
Cookery as it Should Be 1856
American Home Cook Book 1864
The Cook's Guide 1863
Hotel St. Francis Cook Book 1862
Every Lady's Cook Book 1856
Book of Cookery 1852
The American Matron 1851
Gastronomic Regenerator 1847
Lady's Receipt-Book 1847
Every Lady's Book 1845
Directions for Cookery 1844
The Cook's Own Book 1842
New Domestic Cookery 1840
The Cook's Dictionary 1830
The Cook's Oracle 1830
Modern Domestic Cookery 1828
Receipts in Mod Cookery 1806
Cookery Made Easy 1802
Art of Cookery Made Easy 1784
Lady's Table Assistant 1777
Cookery Plain & Easy 1774
Colonial Receipt Book 1907
Compleat Family Cook 1760
A Book of Simples ~1750
Compleat City & Country Cook 1732
Cooks & Confectioners Dict. 1723
Two 15th Century Cook Books

  Free Food Preserving Books

see Kitchen & Dining for food
    canning & preserving books

  see also: Coffee & Tea, Wine, & Chocolate, Candy, Snacks

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  Seafood Shops

Founded in 1957 in Anacortes, Washington, SeaBear Wild Salmon sells smoked salmon gift boxes, nova style smoked salmon, salmon dinner & grilling fillets, ready-to-eat salmon in pouches, salmon appetizers, and halibut, crab, prawns, lobster, tuna, cod & sole, oysters & mussels, plus chowder & bisque, appetizers, sauces rubs & butters, and desserts. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee (see website for details).

  Natural Foods

Since 1995, Sunfood Nutrition has been the world's premier source of raw foods and superfoods like organic Tibetan goji berries, organic maca, yacon syrup, and organic raw chocolate, as well as cutting edge nutrition information. Sunfood Nutrition strives to provide the most nutritious and highest quality foods from around the world, and a wealth of helpful information to lead a healthier lifestyle. They ship via UPS in the USA, and can ship to Canada and internationally.

  Cake and Cookie Shops

Bake Me A Wish is a premium nationwide service for delivery of gourmet birthday cakes. Their cakes are made with fine fresh ingredients by an award-winning family run New York bakery that also supplies pastries to some of Manhattan's most elite restaurants. They put 5% of every purchase into a fund to buy cakes for US servicemen overseas, and do ship to APO/FPO addresses via USPS (regular orders are shipped via FedEx).

David's Cookies are made with only the finest, all natural, ingredients--pure vanilla, butter, Swiss chocolate and whole nuts. They provide free shipping on all orders. All products produced by David's Cookies are kosher dairy, and under the supervision of the Orthodox Union of America, unless otherwise specified.

  Beverages... see also Coffee & Tea and Wine

The SodaStream Home Soda Maker is a countertop appliance about the size of a coffeemaker that transforms water into fresh, fizzy seltzer/sparkling water at the push of a button. Soda makers operate without batteries, electricity or plumbing, so they are simple to use in a kitchen and great for bringing along on a boat, RV or to a second home. Making seltzer and soda takes just seconds and requires no clean-up.
    A reusable, one-liter carbonating bottle (provided by Soda-Club) is filled with water and screwed into the machine fitting. A CO2 carbonator, housed inside the soda maker, adds carbonation at the touch of a button – as much or as little as the consumer prefers. After carbonating the water, the soda drinker simply adds a capful from one of over 25 sodamix flavors-- or their own flavoring-- to make his or her favorite, great-tasting soda.
    Soda water costs about 18 cents per liter to make, soft drinks using Soda-Club's sodamix flavors start at less than 45 cents per liter.

  Pizza Delivery, Hot Food Delivery

Satisfying hungry appetites since 1999, provides fast, easy and convenient online food ordering from local restaurants and caterers in over 85 cities across the nation, including New York, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

  Free US Regional Cook Books

Boston Cook Book Fannie Farmer 1906
Lincoln's Boston Cook Book 1883
What We Cook on Cape Cod 1911
What Salem Dames Cooked 1910
North Adams Cook Book 1905
New Bedford Receipt Book 1870
Kimball Class Cook MA 1913
Home Department Cook MA 1907
Tested Recipes MA 1908
Milton Cook Book MA 1918
Neighborhood Club CB MA 1912
LW Cook Book MA 1908
Wellesley Cook Book 1890
Delectable Recipes ME 1898
Resolute Grange Cook ME 1913
Oak Lawn Grange Cook Book RI 1914
King's Daughters Cook... NH 1903
Memphremagog Cook Book VT 1907
Vermont Cookery 1899
Vermont Cookery Craft 1894
Westford Cook Book VT 1909
Excelsior Cook Book VT 1891
New England Cook Book 1912

Philadelphia Cook Book 1886
Cumberland Valley Cook PA 1881
Housekeeper's Recipes PA 1893
King's Highway Cook CT 1894
Stonington Cook Book CT 1911
Palisades Cook Book 1910
New York Cook Book 1889
Pleasantville Cook... NY 1894
Buffalo Cookery 1916
Altrurian Cook NY 1910
Mohawk Valley NY Cook Book 1889

Feast of Good Things MI 1910
Battle Creek Cook Book 1922
Buckeye Cookery 1877
Illinois Cook Book 1881
Good Living & How IA 1905
Lex Cen Coll Cook MO 1919
Practical Cook NE 1892
How We Cook in Colorado 1907
Rocky Mountain Cook Book 1918
Philalethean Cook Book CO 1921
Castelar Crèche Cook Book CA 1922
Receipts of Pasadena 1914
Oakland Cook Book 1905
Portland W.E. Cook Book OR 1913
Seattle Cook Book 1906

50 Years in a Maryland Kitchen 1881
Southern Recipes 1913
Old South Dishes & Beverages 1913
Virginia Cookery Book 1912
The Virginia Methodical Cook 1838
Kentucky Receipt Book 1903
Blue Grass Cook Book 1881
Carlisle's Kentucky Cook Book 1893
Caroline's Dixieland Recipes 1922
Dixie Cook-Book 1883
Macon Cook Book GA 1909
Delta Cook Book MS 1917

Picayune Creole Cook Book 1922
La Cuisine Créole 1901
Creole Cookery Book 1885

  Free Institutional Cook Books

US Army Baker's Manual 1917
US Army Cooks Manual 1910
Institution Recipes 1912
Recipes & Menus for 50 1913
More Recipes for 50 1918
Catering & Food Service Mgmt 1922

  Free Beverage Books

Beverages 1919
Essence Industry Manual 1916
Beverages of Colonial Virginia 1906
Soda & Beverage Manual 1897
Foods & Beverages 1891
US & Other Drinks 1878

  Free Breakfast-Lunch Cook Books

Dictionary of Dainty Breakfasts 1899
Breakfast Table Handbook 1873
Breakfast & Lunch Dishes 1904
Breakfast & Luncheon 1893
Breakfast, Lunch & Tea 1875
Gala-Day Luncheons 1901

  Free Low Budget Cookbooks

Practical Cookery 1920
War-Time Breads & Cakes 1918
War Bread 1918
Everyday Foods in War Time 1918
275 War-Time Recipes 1918
Wheatless & Meatless 1918
ME's War Time Recipes 1918
War Time Cook Book 1918
Economical Cookery 1918
Liberty Recipes 1918
Recipes for War Time 1917
Practical Food Economy 1917
Meals for Less Money 1917
Economical Recipes 1917
Low Cost Cooking 1915
The Efficient Kitchen 1914
Economy Cook Book 1910
Practical Cook Book 1910
Economic Cooking 1890
Liberal Living, Narrow Means 1890
Practical Cooking 1889
Nice Dish, Moderate Expense 1864
Practical American Cookery 1860
The Practical Cook 1845

  Free Milk, Butter & Cheese Books

Milk overview 1921
Milk in the Home 1915
Milk & Its Products 1913
Milk: Nature & Composition 1895
Henri Nestlé's Milk Food 1881

The Butter Industry 1920
The Book of Butter 1918
US Butter Industry 1916
How to Make Butter 1915
Practice of Butter-Making 1908
Scientific Butter-Making 1883
Butter Analysis 1877

The Book of Cheese 1918
Science of Cheese-Making 1909
Cheese & Cheese-Making 1896

  Free Vegetarian Cookbooks

Mrs. Allen's Meat Substitutes 1918
Hygenic Cook Book vegetarian 1914
600 Meatless Dishes 1910
New Vegetarian Dishes 1892

  Other Topical Free Cook Books

Dainty Making 1910
American Dainties 1897
Dainties 1894

The Chafing-Dish 1912
Chafing Dish... Fannie Farmer 1898
100 Chafing Dish Recipes 1894
Chafing Dish Guide 1890

Catering for Two 1898
Us Two Cook Book 1909

À la Mode Cookery 1902
Savouries à la Mode 1887

The Baby's Food 1917

Hot Weather Dishes 1888

  Other Free Books About Food

Food: Fuel for Human Engine 1917
Food for the Worker 1917
Food Production & Mfg 1914
Mfg of Foods & Sweetmeats 1902

Foods & Cookery Lab Man. 1916
Fruits & Products Chemistry 1905
Flesh Foods Analysis 1900

I Go a-Marketing 1900
Food & Feeding 1899
Edible Mushrooms 1899
Eggs in Cold Storage 1899

Chemistry of Breadmaking 1912
Bread Analysis 1881

Online Book Search Engines

TIME Magazine, October 26, 1962, p. 64:

FOOD & DRINK: Remembered Joy
    More than 6,000,000 Americans are eating better today because one hired girl, almost 65 years ago, could not cook.
    The hired girl could manage fairly well on plain things, but for one young St. Louis bride, that was not enough. Irma Rombauer had sampled some of the pleasures of European cooking when her father served for several years as American consul in Bremen. In those turn-of-the-century days, directions for more exotic dishes were almost always in French, and began: "Make a white sauce, stir until ready." Or: "Simmer your leftover grouse for 36 hours and season to taste with duxelles." Irma Rombauer had no idea how to make a white sauce or what duxelles was-- even her young lawyer husband, a longtime camper, could cook no better than she could-- but she set out to find out.

    A Staple Like Salt. She begged what recipes she could from her family and methodically added to that basic list whatever could be garnered from gourmet columns of the day or pried out of restaurant chefs and neighboring hostesses. Aware that she did not possess the gift of cooking by instinct, she took care to note measures and ingredients in explicit detail, never said "some butter" when she meant 4½ tablespoons of "cook until done" when she could define "done" as taking 2¾ hours. In 1931, when her children left home to get married, they took with them a compendium of mother's recipes which so dazzled her friends that they urged her to publish it privately. The experienced cooks received it with respect, and the beginners, to whom "basting" was something done with a needle and thread, were pathetically grateful. Bobbs-Merrill, equally impressed, brought it out publicly four years later. Since then, The Joy of Cooking has sold more than 6,000,000 copies to become the second largest-selling cookbook in the world* and as familiar a staple in the American kitchen as salt.
    Author Rombauer, widowed since her husband's death in 1930, became a celebrity of sorts...

    Herbs in the Ozarks. Interested in art and opera, Mrs. Rombauer was conspicuous in nearly every cultural enterprise the city offered, served as president of St. Louis' Women's Symphony Society. Once a week she retired to her country cottage in the Ozarks, where she grew herbs and worked on revisions of her book...

    Eight years ago, a stroke curtailed her activities and impaired her speech. She took to her bed in her city apartment, where a staff of four Negro maids attended her, prepared the new dishes she devised, and brought them to her for tasting and correction. Last week, at the age of 83, Irma Rombauer died, leaving two children, two grandchildren, and legions of cooks to whom her book was-- and is-- the kitchen bible.

*No. 1: The Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book, now loose-leaf and four-color illustrated, which has sold some 8,600,000 copies since its first edition was published in 1930.
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Chocolate, Candy, Snacks
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Sunfood Body Care - Nutrition For the Skin

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